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The reason for choosing the pipe
Health reasons
The process of smoking cigarettes, that is, hastily ignited, mad pumping a while, smoke mixed with cigarette paper ignited aerosol, through the respiratory tract, has been into the lungs - in Tar (Tar) and other countless harmful substances crazy Invasion of the body at the same time, nicotine (Nicotine) through the mucosa of the capillaries, into the brain, resulting in the role of calm or excitement. Every year there are millions of people worldwide who die from lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, stroke, heart disease and other diseases caused by smoking. Smoking is harmful to health is widely printed on a variety of tobacco products and tobacco advertising. But accurately, this sentence should be understood as smoking cigarettes serious harm to health.
Smoking, smoking is only smoke in the mouth, that is, only in the mouth of your mouth, by your taste buds olfactory fully appreciate the pleasure of tobacco, the body only from the oral cavity and nasal capillary absorption of trace nicotine, through the nasal cavity directly stimulate the cerebral cortex Play the role of calm and excitement, while the smoke is all spit out, not inhaled into the lungs, the maximum extent to avoid the tar and harmful aerosol damage the lungs If the smoking pipe addiction, then your method is wrong, if found This bucket of smoke is no longer give you the sweet taste and taste, that you pumped more today, or you are sick (such as cold, stuffy nose ...). Smoking cigarettes You are subject to smoking, smoking pipe from start to finish he is the owner.
(Surgeon General) of the official statistics report: the average smoker than non-smokers to live longer? In addition to the general reason that the smoking pipe has a calming mind, eliminate the pressure for the pipe to bring unparalleled pleasure and pleasure, the answer is: empty smoke. Tobacco is the most primitive, yet most scientific way of tobacco use. Quitting too easily (difficult) because someone quit a thousand times. Smoking is the best way to quit smoking, it is more effective than smoking chewing gum or post. Through the smoking pipe and gradually out of nicotine addiction, the bad habits gradually transformed into hobbies, the immediate advantage is to change smoking pipe that moment, it is no longer smoke in the lungs use smoking pipe to quit cigarettes, became a lot of pipe When learning to smoke one of the important reasons.
Economic reasons
The pipe V.S. cigarette
Let's start with a math problem: Suppose you take a pack of cigarettes a day, 6 yuan a month for 6 yuan a month, that is: 6 yuan × 30 days = 180 yuan Suppose pumping 3 bucket a day (for most pipe- (Dunhill 50 grams of cans, for example, about 60 million), according to the medium bucket calculation, each bucket load (or more), each bucket can continue to enjoy up to 30 to 90 minutes, or even longer; and a can of high quality tobacco 3 grams or so can be filled 30-50 a month down, that is: 60 yuan × 2 cans = 120 yuan This is a very conservative calculation, a packet of 6 yuan of cigarettes, definitely not to mention high-quality, and a can $ 60 Dunhill tobacco, is already a first-class. And smoking friends, there is the habit of smoking cigarettes, but never heard of pipe pipe to send (at least get a handful of friends to play with curious about nothing more), which is obviously not a pen to save Small overhead. A can of 50 grams of the top tobacco pipe, up not more than 100 yuan. The pipe itself is a life-long investment, maintenance properly, life is longer than you and I. Five or six hundred dollars, you can buy a good mid-range pipe; and a thousand or so, you can buy well-known brands of hand-fighting.
The pipe V.S. cigar
Cigar is undoubtedly a very interesting hobby. However, a high-quality Cuban hand-rolled Churchill cigar, or a Davidoff's Dominican cigar, less asking for more than 100 yuan. After pumping, only a pile of white ashes. Cigar is the stuff of the rich, but the pipe is frugal by the people, the number of investment entirely different.
Interest reason
First of all, from the perspective of tobacco flavor, high-quality pipe generally produced in the world's finest, the best flavor of tobacco leaves, through very complicated steps, carefully deployed from (pharmacy smoke), Hong Yun intoxicating. Moreover, a wide variety of tobacco, the nature of different, with the smoker's skilled hand, changing infinity. In addition, the use of different sizes, different bucket pipe, pumping the same tobacco deployment, the flavor will produce significant differences. Finally, various natural, artificial flavors can be used to flavor the pipe. Next to the people exclaimed: Where to take the taste of Yunnan Nile? smell good! , Is this truth. Relatively speaking, the cigar smoking, never just cigar flavor, change far less than the pipe wire. Not to mention cigarettes: some people may have smoked a lifetime, but also that the so-called tobacco Virginia (Virginia tobacco, many of the main pipe material, while for cigarettes)!
Just still in the mouth of cigarettes or cigars, instantly, has been reduced to ashes, and pipe long stay. Not only has the practical value of pipe, itself or human wood, stone carving art, silver forging process and ergonomic knowledge of crystallization, with a high degree of art, collection value. Play pipe, pipe is an indispensable cabaret. Moreover, the pipe than any other form of smoking, need more accessories and tools, they are also very fun adult toys.
Smoking, very dependent on knowledge, experience and skills, but also with the brain. When we enjoy the pipe, we need to know about all kinds of tobacco in order to anticipate what we can get in our hands. From filling tobacco, we will not turn off the pipe, clean up the pipes, preserve the tobacco, aging the cages and Cigarette holder refurbishment, elastic adjustment, etc., all need to enrich the relevant knowledge and experience, as well as certain hands-on capacity and experience specific problems, brains to solve the Ji Zhi. The pipe is not like cigarettes, roadside John Doe can easily control.
Mental factors
 Have read a very interesting and interesting metaphor:
 Cigarettes like prostitutes - used to hastily solve the desires, disposable, without leaving traces, but (health) higher risk.
 Cigar like a mistress - not only can solve the desire, but also to show off in front of some people; spending is huge, and money scattered people (smoke) empty.
 Pipe like a wife - after enjoying, but also bother to soothe some; an acquisition, long-term maintenance, often accompanied by life. In fact, the consumption cost is not much.
 Some scholars have likened the cigarettes, cigars and pipes to the theory of Appetitive, Spirited and Rational according to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. The effect is:
 Smoking cigarettes like a quick solution to the appetite and sexual desire, excessive indulgence for the sea, then, naturally easy to deal with the death dealings.
 Cigar a little reproduction of worship (Phallic) means, is revealing the glory, seeking recognition and pursuit of fame and fortune of the subconscious performance.
 And the pipe has the characteristics of philosophers: female and male characteristics are ready (bucket and handle), the pursuit of both a strong man, but also a woman's introverted; heavy long-lasting (pipe durable); and For the benefit of others (the aroma of tobacco around the other people can enjoy the pleasure).
Other reasons
  Because of the pipe to pay attention to slow pumping, to enjoy the rhythm of tobacco. Can also be poured a glass of whiskey, a cup of tea, bubble, seek different forms of fragrant impact, the same time, you can pour a cup of whiskey, soak a cup of tea, seek different forms of aromatic impact The sky ... ... upset when the mind upset, fitted with a bucket, fine sip slow products, adjust the breathing rhythm, in order to achieve the realm of people fighting one. Annoyance of things, swept away. Pipe is Zen, is yoga, is the oasis in the desert, is the home of tired wanderers.
  The reason why the choice of pipe pipe, is the character of the subconscious reflection: introverted, calm; self-confidence, self-examination; modest, low-key; intelligent, know how to enjoy and cherish life.